Wine and Grape Industry Resources

National Grape Registry
The National Grape Registry (NGR) contains information about varieties of wine, juice, and table grapes, raisins, and grape rootstocks available in the United States.

Foundation Plant Services
Foundation Plant Services (FPS) was established in 1958 to distribute virus-tested, professionally identified grape, fruit and nut tree propagation stock.

CDFA Certification
The CDFA Grape Registration & Certification Program is administered by the California State Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

UC Statewide IPM Grape Pest Management Guidelines
The UC Statewide IPM Program draws on expertise of UC scientists to develop and distribute UC's best information on managing pests using safe and effective techniques and strategies that protect people and the environment. 

Vitculture & Enology, UC Davis
Convenient location for many resources including list of farm advisors, UCCE specialists, etc.

Grower and Vintner Associations

County Vineyard Technical Groups