Tablas Creek Vineyard Selections

The renowned Tablas Creek Vineyard was created in Paso Robles, California in the late 1980’s as a result of the friendship and then partnership between the Perrin family of Château de Beaucastel and Vineyard Brands founder Robert Haas. After propagating their own vines for many years, Tablas Creek offered Novavine exclusive rights to propagate and sell their Tablas Creek Vineyard Selections (TCVS) of grape varieties from the Rhône region of France. We are proud to offer you these distinctive clones and would be delighted to discuss how they might contribute to your ultimate vineyard and winemaking goals.

TCV Vista

The Tablas Creek Vineyard Selections include

Courbu Blanc FPS 01
Grenache Noir FPS 06.1, FPS 06
Grenache Noir FPS 08.1, FPS 08
Grenache Noir FPS 07
Gros Maseng FPS 02
Mourvedre FPS 05.1 
Mourvedre FPS 06
Picpoul Blanc FPS 02
Roussanne FPS 05.1, FPS 05
Roussanne FPS 04
Syrah FPS 23.1, FPS 23
Syrah FPS 24.1, FPS 24
Syrah FPS 25.1, FPS 25
Tannat FPS 04.1, FPS 04