Novavine Priority Testing Protocol

Priority Testing Protocol, or PTP, is a program developed by Novavine and is designed to provide an additional level of assurance with regard to plant health.  The primary focus is on Red Blotch associated Virus (RBaV) and follows our company commitment to provide the highest quality plants.  This program is a Premium service that ensures all material in your order has been specifically tested for RBaV and allows for the individual handling of vines throughout the growing cycle.  The program is also designed to provide an enhanced level of technical support and foster a true team approach between Novavine and you, our customer.

 The PTP program starts with identifying and cataloguing individual source vines that are used for your order.  Each individual source plant is tested in a composite sample for RBaV.  Additionally, all source plant material is screened for known virus using a full panel test on a minimum of twenty (20%) of the material.  If any virus is detected, the vines are excluded as a source.  Novavine also diligently monitors the source vine growth in the field.  If a vine shows signs of poor or off characteristic growth, that vine is also excluded as a source.  After the vines pass testing and meet our critical standard for healthy growth characteristics, they are marked with your identifying number, ensuring that cuttings from those plants are used for your order only.  When dormant and ready for harvest, the individually identified vines are harvested and stored separately.

 When grafting your order, the cuttings with your identifying number are used during the grafting process.  This number stays with your grafted plants through the entire growing process to identify which plants are in the PTP program.  Once the material is grafted and planted in pots or in the field, the grafted vines growth characteristics are continually monitored.  Any vines that show poor or off character growth are removed and destroyed.  Additionally, Novavine maintains a very active pest eradication program designed to eliminate any source virus vectors.

Our customers are welcome and encouraged to inspect their vine material at any time in the process.